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 The Creation and First Calamity

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PostSubject: The Creation and First Calamity   Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:19 pm

Nobody knows what could have been- if anything- before the days of people and cities, hunting, fishing, Cardinals and their children, and racial war. Though each race and country carries and plays with their own belief systems and faiths, there is one that stands above the rest, the most common and unchanged belief in Gaia- The story of a god called the Enshi, and how he created the world.

The Enshi created Gaia out of nothing but his will and stardust, molding and shaping it into the ground on which they stood and the water in which they drank, adding carefully sculpted landscapes and delicately designed beasts to roam and live for his amusement. However, the Enshi was fickle, the simple beasts of Gaia living and playing  with no true meaning boring him as much as anyone would be watching plaster dry or wet paper stiffen. He decided that a new creature was in order, one with intelligence enough to rule the world if they tried. First came the Caprine, and though he enjoyed the small drama and advances of their race, he soon dubbed them too peaceful, and created larger, much more dangerous things such as harpies, rakes and Giants. (large, but also far too peaceful)

These creatures amused him, but stuck to their cold homelands of the mountains despite his nudges to have them move. Eventually, he created Humans, wily, nearly hairless, hornless, creatures with an incredible ability to adapt, survive and wield magic. Though Humans and Caprine got along for the most part, the Caprine were always wary of their new competition’s slyness and magic, taking care in what weapons and technology they traded to them.

As the two sentient races slowly became more advanced, (The Giants were also sentient, but were content with their stone tools and simple lifestyle) their populations grew as well. In order to insure these people would not soon overpopulate, he created death, disease, and odd creatures known as Ghouls to add into the equation.

The Ghouls were simple creatures, minds no more vast than a band of jackals or a starving coyote. Deaths by singles of these creatures were far and few between due to their delicate forms yet deadly and large teeth and claws, and as such, the majority of their kills on the more intelligent races were made in shambled, fleeting alliances.

But with each ghoul attack, the Enshi became more and more infatuated with them and their brutal way of killing. He allowed their numbers to grow, their forms to grow stronger and their minds to grow to a wolfpack mentality, forming more intelligent, stronger bonds with each other and using it to take down larger, more intelligent prey.

But the people hadn’t forgotten their god, and make constant efforts to please him, hoping that he would take pity on them and revoke the lives of his foul creations.

Such efforts fell on deaf ears to start, ignoring his people’s cries and allowing the ghouls to run rampant. Eventually, the people accepted the fate of their more defenseless members, and their depression moved the Enshi to action.

He split himself into two beings- the Enshi and the Dark Enshi. However, this did not separate his ‘good’ and ‘evil’ traits, as one would expect. Rather, it formed a being of pure malice and violence with no other personality to even it, the rest left to the original Enshi.

This being’s first move struck the ground beneath him, sending a black mass of death and disease among the people below, the lucky ones dying, the rest melding into whatever was around, their bodies twisted, transformed, and cursed to live on passively as one with the ground around them.

It’s second move brought ghouls of shadow and pestilence, Blue Ghouls so vile and aggressive they tore apart even their own kind.

The third act was much more thought out, like a child calming after a tantrum. The new, mad ghouls only destroyed mindlessly, and that didn’t amuse him in the slightest. He took note of the first Enshi’s creations, and tried his own hand at it.

He took the souls of the people- fed by negative energy and chaos- and corrupted them into the first Doppelgängers, praising them, building them up, and growing their hatred for all others. These he used for more careful, more amusing attacks, even setting in every new Doppelgänger’s abilities the power to control his new ghouls.

But as the original Enshi’s efforts burned, so did his rage for the Dark Enshi. Sacrificing his own people in exchange for more power, he sealed his own malice away within a statute so evil it stole away the life of all who touched it. The Dark Enshi was trapped, but his people weren’t.

The Enshi spared the Doppelgängers so long as they agreed to live peacefully, and for the most part, they did. The racial tension, however, did not ebb away.

Ghouls were to be killed on sight, the newer, Blue Ghouls hunted to extinction or enslaved for cruel circuses or bait animals, leaving only a few left in existence. Doppelgängers charged or even accused of a single crime were branded like livestock and made into slaves. A new discovery was made- when regular ghouls and humans bred, the child would be sentient, only gaining ghoulish traits such as speed, pale skin and sharp, black fingernails. These people were born into slavery, most of society considering them a type of ghoul as well.

The Enshi interfered with their lives rarely after the First Calamity, turning his eyes and ears away from the slave’s cries much like the first time his people had begged of him. He ignored the wars and battles raged on by vengeful Doppelgängers, ignored the Dark Cult’s efforts to revive the Dark Enshi and return the world to chaos once more, and he certainly ignored you, dear player, wherever your role might be.

The world of Gaia spins in turmoil and injustice, legends made, retold and torn down as hogwash. What will you do to rise above the petty stories and mundane habit?
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The Creation and First Calamity
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