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 Malikai of the North

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PostSubject: Malikai of the North   Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:30 pm

Malikai of the North

Description: Malikai of the North prefers the form of a black 9-15 foot black wyvern covered in plate-like 'mirror-glass scales', which can be sold at a high price if found. Though he resides in the cold, mountainous areas of his direction, he often wanders the heavily populated East, searching for lone travelers to eat or amuse himself with. In both lore and in true spirit, Malikai is a cruel trickster with a passion for playing with his children's lives or the lives of others, often convincing them into making deals with him only for it to crash and burn later.

The main attribute given to him by the people is The Trickster, and playing cards of the same theme are usually drawn with his likeness.
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Malikai of the North
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