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 Kodu of the East

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PostSubject: Kodu of the East   Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:06 pm

Kodu of the East

Description: Kodu prefers the form of 8-15 foot tall wolf made of a black, rocky substance and flame that he can raise hot and burning to harmless and soft to the touch. He resides in the impenetrable area of the East, known as the Deep Forest, and is generally moody and reluctant to appear for warriors or travelers that call his name at the edge despite his ever-growing boredom in the forest. He isn't opposed to devouring any who he finds irksome. He has the second most children out of the four Cardinals (usually with Kalinka of the South) and can be convinced into helping them should they give him good reason.

Kodu's castle and coliseum are settled at the center of the Deep Forest, erected for him by the builders of generations past. While fitting into the castle in his usual form is difficult, it's not impossible as he and the rest of the Cardinals have the ability to shift into a human form.

The main attributes given to him by the people is The Warrior, The Noble or the Father, and playing cards with similar themes are often illustrated with his likeness.
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Kodu of the East
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