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 Helios- North, South, East, West

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PostSubject: Helios- North, South, East, West   Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:39 pm

A western country of Gaia, Helios is a mixing pot of the many races that reside there. The cold and mountainous North is home to many Caprine and some daring human settlements, along with the Northern Cardinal Beast, Malikai. The East is fair-weathered and full of forests and cities, keeping it well populated to the annoyance of their direction's Cardinal, Kodu. To the South and West, untamed lands sullied only by brave homesteaders and fishing at their coasts. The Cardinal Gabu sleeps at the bottom of the West's deepest river, the Devil's Brook for years at a time, while Kalinka lives peacefully by the Southern beaches. The center of the country houses some of the largest cities, including the Capital itself.
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Helios- North, South, East, West
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