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 The Caprine

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PostSubject: The Caprine   Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:28 pm

((Subject to editing in the near future))


  Description: Beautiful mountain people with the legs of a lamb or goat, Caprine originate from the cold mountains of the North, and have powerful kicks and magnificent leaps as a result. Men begin to grow short curly horns by the time they're two, which stay relatively small, with bigger and sharper variations depending on bloodline and location. Caprine are quick thinkers and excellent problem solvers thanks to their dangerous place of origin, and often seek out jobs as tinkers, builders and even helped create Gaia's first types of firearms.

  Race Relations of Note: (As a whole, each person is entitled to their own view on the races, and environment and upbringing will also effect views.)

Humans: Co-exist peacefully. Trade between them is at an all-time high thanks to new crop technology and the Caprine's primitive firearms.

Beast's Children: Varies greatly, more isolated clans of Caprine seeing them as near equals or as any other person and many city Caprine being slave owners to several.

Doppelgängers: Neutral, will attack if attacked.

Generally, Caprine as a whole are peaceful traders who never officially join any dispute or issues outside of their own.
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The Caprine
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